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Jap-Link Japanese Car Import Specialists

This company was created some 8 years ago, more out of luck than judgement! I, like you, wanted a personal import from Japan, mainly to save myself a great deal of money against U.K. Prices.

I set off on my venture and the pitfalls were horrendous, needless to say I fell into one or two myself, and I finally bought a second hand land cruiser (not bad as I set out for a Pajero) but the drama did not end there, there's the shipping, the payment, and just about everything else to worry about, and of course, after parting with your money, will you ever see the car again?

I can only say I was lucky, my land cruiser did arrive some weeks later making it probably one of the dearest in the world, let alone in the U.K. and it was for these reasons Jap-Link was born.

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